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Burning Tips.

General Candle Rules
  • Keep wick trimmed to 3mm at all times to ensure that your candle flame does not smoke. If a black "mushroom" appears on your candle wick, extinguish your candle, trim and relight as this mushrooming may cause your candle to produce smoke.
  • Keep the pool of wax within your candle jar/ burner free from any wick trimmings, matches or any combustible material as this may also cause smoking.


Jar and Tumbler Candles

  • All glass jar candles will stop burning when only 1.5cm of wax remains at the bottom. This is to prevent the jar from shattering.
  • To avoid "tunnelling" of your candle (tunnelling is when your candle burns a hole down the middle and wax remains at the edges) all HOUSE WARMER style jars must be burnt until the wax has melted fully from one edge of your jar to the other at any one time before extinguish your candle. If you fail to light this style of jar for any less than this time your candle will only melt in the centre and will tunnel down the middle causing wastage.

Tea Lights

  • All Yankee Candle Scented Tea Lights will burn for 4-6 hours each.
  • All Yankee candle scented Tea Lights (not unscented versions) will Float in water.


Sampler Votive Candles

  • All votive candles will burn for 15 hours
  • Votives are made to liquify so must be burnt within suitable votive holders (available within our accessory page.) They must never be burnt freestanding.


Wax Tarts

  • Place a Wax Tart in a suitable pot pourri burner, light an unscented tea light candle beneath and within 5 - 10 minutes the wax tart will begin to melt, giving off an amazing scent.
  • Wax tarts will provide fragrance for 8 hours of burning, after which a pool of wax will remain in your burner but will no longer carry a scent. When this happens, simply allow the wax to cool fully, and pop it out of your burner using the palm of your hand (never use a knife as you may shatter your burner.) You may also harden the wax in a freezer to allow it to go very cold after which the wax should simply pop out of your burner into the palm of your hand.


Cleaning your Candles

  • Should the mouth of a jar candle become blackened, simply extinguish the flame, allow it to cool, and carefully wipe the rim with a dry paper towel. you can minimise this blackening by keeping the wick trimmed to 1/2 cm.